Meet the twenty-six authors who graduated from the Bath Spa University MA Writing for Young People in 2018. 

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For younger readers

Alex English

Echo and the Great Beyond

Eve Griffiths

The Peregrine of Araleon

Rosamund Marinelli

Alone on the Calamari Desert

Tamsin Mori

The Weather Weaver

James W. Sykes

City Splitters

Hana Tooke

The Unadoptables

Billy Treacy

Gizmo’s Great Invention

Jacqueline Tucker

The Secret in the Map

Stephanie Williamson

The Society for the Salvation of Stories

Catherine Young

#NetProfits: Soccer

For older readers

Zulekhá Aisha Afzal

The Wandering Stars: Roots

Shannon Barrett

The Rebel Court

Wibke Brueggemann

Hormonal Horror & the Cancer Shop

Zoe Crosse

Kiss Me When I’m Gone

Lucy Cuthew

Blood Moon

Victoria Henley

The Idlewoods

Anika Hussain

Velia vs. the Script

H. A. Jelbert

9 Days Before

Callen James Martin

Nobody Knows Noah

Kate Emilie Mulligan

Realm Jumpers and the Lonely Prisoner

Chris Owen

The Glitch

Sophie Victoria Rowe

The Anatomy of a PIGEON

Fran Stephenson

Dear Diana

Kieren Richard Taylor

The White Room

Beth Tomlin

I am Etta

Fox Welsh