Anika Hussain

Anika Hussain was born and raised in the city of Stockholm, where she lived with her parents and brother up until the age of twenty-one. In 2018, Anika was invited to attend The International Congress of Youth Voices, which gathered 100 young writers and activists from around the world. Following that appearance, Anika was invited to speak on a panel about youth empowerment at the Belgian Equality Festival. In Sweden, Anika has made television and radio appearances, speaking about the impact writing has had on her life; her work with the non-profit Berättarministeriet (The Ministry of Storytelling), and what she hopes to achieve with her own writing. Anika is represented by Alice Sutherland-Hawes at The Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV & Film Agency.


About Velia vs. the Script

What would you do if your mother’s dying wish was for you to marry someone you’ve never met before?

Graduation is less than a year away and Velia Farooq is excited. She can’t wait to escape the ridiculous standards the Bengali community continuously impose on her and is eager to finally live the life she’s always wanted: as an apparel designer at Central Saint Martins with her secret boyfriend Dylan.

But the universe has different plans for Velia: Ammu, her mother, is dying, and her final wish is to see Velia, her only daughter, get married. At seventeen, this is the last thing Velia wants—but how do you say no to family? 

Submerged in a world of tradition and Bengali customs, can Velia fight for the life she has always imagined? And can she do this without losing her family in the process?