Billy Treacy

Although Billy’s atoms came into existence 13.7 billion years ago, he was officially born in October 1993. Between then and now, much has come to pass, but mostly he’s just got taller.

For some reason that defies all logic, BBC Worldwide entrusted him with the task of writing a couple of online sketches for the Doctor WhoYouTube channel. Warning: contains action figures committing minuscule acts of silliness.

Billy likes to write funny things and only uses jokes that make him laugh embarrassingly on public transport. He currently lives in Salford and works as a copywriter and part-time chicken whisperer. Gizmo’s Great Inventionwon the United Agents Prize for the most promising writing for young people 2018.


About Gizmo’s Great Invention

Meet Gizmo: boy genius inventor.

Meet Frankie: boy.

Meet me: I do the words.

Gizmo has created Frankie to help him invent something that will win a prestigious competition. Unfortunately, Frankie is a zero-year-old with the body of an eight-year-old, who seems to spend most of his time getting into trouble. Misadventures ensue, involving invisible spies, tricycle gangs and –yes, you guessed it –celebrity chicken, Jen de le Hen.

Can Gizmo win the Brainbox Competition? Will he even have an invention to submit? And just what does the word ‘Blobob’mean?