Chris Owen

Chris loves to spark imaginations and take readers on adventures to wild exotic places; to help them make sense of a confusing world and to see things, people and places in a new, more vivid, light.

He likes to tickle imaginations with his words, prod fantasies into life and make dreams (and some nightmares) a little more real.

Chris is married, with two twenty-something daughters. His plays – The Last Resort and A Mother’s Voice – have been performed by schools, colleges and theatre groups across the UK and beyond. He lives in Frome, Somerset – the centre of the known universe (seriously).

About The Glitch

The future world belongs to the augmented.

The fate of that world is in the hands of the mundane.

Two mismatched teenagers become entangled in a deadly game of cat and mouse, hunted by CODE, a deranged Artificial Intelligence capable of leaping into the heads of almost anyone around them.

In a world where they can trust no-one, where facts can become lies in the blink of an eye, their plans to stop CODE depend upon an elderly Alzheimer’s victim who may have already forgotten what they need to know.

The Glitch is a fast moving, young adult, sci-fi action-thriller, set in a believable, not-too-far-distant future.