Eve Griffiths

Growing up in the wilds of west Wiltshire, Eve’s family didn’t have a television, but they did have a small canal boat, which seemed like a good trade. As a child, Eve read everything she could get her hands on, including the backs of cereal packets and instruction manuals. Eve studied for her Master of Nursing Science at the University of Nottingham and qualified as a children’s nurse in 2005. She now works in children’s intensive care, but on her days off she escapes into other worlds.



About The Peregrine of Araleon

Robin Thorne has two goals in life: figure out the mysterious compass-like navigator given to him by his Grandad and find out what happened to his missing parents. 

While searching for answers, Robin and his foster sister, Megan, are unexpectedly transported into another world. Here, they discover the navigator is used to find and open doorways between worlds, all thirteen of them. Robin is a traveller, and so are his parents. Robin is desperate to find them, but he’s also made a promise to get Megan home, and he’s determined to keep that promise, whatever the cost. 

Together with Kara, an orphan who has never been beyond the city walls, and Haris, the spoilt nephew and heir of the Procurator, they go on an epic journey across Araleon in search of the only people who can help them get home: the secretive Order of the Ilken.