Fox Welsh

Fox was raised in the United States, in New England, and never left for longer than a few months at a time, until the MA at Bath Spa University called their name. As a queer, non-binary, depressed person, Fox started writing as a way to explore their feelings, identities, and place in the world and hopes to inspire others to share their stories as well. Fox is passionate about stories that help young people feel less alone.


About Songbird

Bird starts her senior year at a new school hoping to shed her depressed-musician-girl-with-dead-dad persona and start fresh. However, within days, Bird finds herself in the middle of a feud between her new friendship group and Corrine, a girl who pushes Bird to be honest with herself and face her fears. As she tries to balance her first boyfriend, a promise to perform her own music for the first time since her dad’s funeral, questioning her sexuality, and her deepening depression, Bird soon learns that identity isn’t something that you can pick and choose.

And what happens when the person you lose is yourself?