Fran Stephenson

While writing Dear Diana, Fran re-read her stash of diaries from the nineties, their covers plastered with Oasis stickers and Ocean Colour Scene lyrics. According to her teen scribblings, for her the decade was mainly about music, mix-tapes and badly applied hair mascara. Leafing through these notebooks triggered lots of long-lost memories, but one thing Fran’s never forgotten is where she was when Diana, Princess of Wales died.

After studying English and History, she worked for the publisher Little, Brown Book Group, then trained as a secondary English teacher. She now lives near Bath.


About Dear Diana

One and two and three and four and

one week in August 1997: a car crash in Paris; Princess Diana killed; the nation in shock… and

two troubled teens in London: Spence, a drummer, and Amy, a photographer, thrown together by the news… and

three questions to change everything:

What does Diana mean to them?

What do they mean to each other?

Can they face their scars?

And four… will they choose life?

And one and two and three and four and