H. A. Jelbert

Hilary grew up surrounded by the wilds of Salisbury Plain.

After university she became a TV producer and later, when reading to her daughter, Hilary discovered a love of writing for children, which led to her selling a pre-school series to Aardman Animation.

Now her daughter’s a teenager, they fight over who gets to read the latest YA novels first.

Most days you’ll find Hilary writing at her desk. If she gets stuck, she goes for a walk in Leigh Woods and tries to get lost.

In Bristol, Hilary shares her home with her husband, daughter and three Victorian ghosts.



About 9 Days Before

When sixteen-year-old Martha Cox is kidnapped, her captor demands an answer, but Martha doesn’t even understand the question. Martha searches for clues in the days, hours, and minutes, leading up to her kidnapping.

Nine days before, a rare piece of French music made Martha question her identity.

Rejecting her secure, townie life, Martha ran away to search for truth, ending up in an idyllic village. But just as she was about to discover what she wanted, she was kidnapped.

Now, to save herself, Martha must manipulate her captor by playing the mouse, when she is in fact the cat.

With the last piece of the jigsaw, Martha finally understands: answer his question, or not – either way she dies.

She has no choice.

She must kill or be killed.