Jacqueline Tucker

Jacqueline Tucker was born in rural Alabama, USA, where there really isn’t very much to do. So, she invented stories and pretended that the woods behind her house were jungles in South America, deserts in Africa, and magical lands like Narnia. She grew up to become a therapist and helped kids understand their own real-life stories. Jacqueline also loves to travel, and she started telling stories about that, too. She’s visited fourteen countries across four continents and has gotten lost a lot. Poor thing can’t read a map to save her life… unless it’s a magic map like Bay’s. The Secret in the Map received an honourable mention in the United Agents Prize for the most promising writing for young people.



About The Secret in the Map

When thirteen-year-old Bay escapes from the orphanage, in search of a past she can’t remember, she follows the only clue she has – an ancient map that glows when she (and only she) touches it. In the heart of Atrapolis, where crows patrol the skies, streets curve into themselves, and the Imperium’s Watchkeepers hunt her at every turn, the map leads Bay to one clue after another. But the more Bay learns about herself, the clearer it becomes that someone in Atrapolis doesn’t want her to remember. Can the map reveal her true identity before it’s too late?