James W. Sykes

James never quite mastered the art of ‘adulting’. His career as a primary school teacher let him finally play lunchtime football (and win), see the lightbulb moments in maths and, most importantly, make up stories on the fly. However they came – funny, exciting, scary or sad – every tale told was the start of a brand-new adventure. Then he met someone – a proper grown up – who not only wrote stories, but also made a living out of it, and he knew that his future lay in only one place: the weird and wonderful world of pure imagination.



About City Splitters

Cora has everything: the finest food, a personal robot butler, and all the hottest tech. The sealed walls of her home, Aryon, keep her trapped inside, safe from the suffocating fog that pollutes the world. Mother says nothing lives ‘out there’ and Cora should not go looking. But Mother says a lot that Cora doesn’t like.

On her birthday, Cora breaks free of her luxury prison, and sneaks into Mother’s lab to test her latest ‘special project’ –a time machine. Caught red-handed, an argument ends with Cora transported into a future destroyed by waste, greed, and reckless disregard for the natural world. Now Cora must travel through putrid forests, choked rivers, and thick, poisonous ooze to save the future she, and everyone back in Aryon, helped to destroy.