Kieren Richard Taylor

Kieren is from Cannock, which no-one has ever heard of, and instead tells people he’s from Birmingham. After studying acting for a few years, Kieren found a love for writing, and moved his passion from the stage to the page. His love of LGBTQ+ fiction motivated him to write YA queer characters in centre-stage roles, using magical realism and sci-fi to explore their worlds.


About The White Room

When seventeen-year-old Ryan wakes up naked in The White Room, he knows his panic attacks are reaching a whole new level. The White Room is nothing and everything: every memory, every place he’s been, every person he knows, all contained within a room. When his panic attacks intensify and even his reality cracks, Ryan will need every ounce of bravery he has to face the one thing in The White Room he doesn’t want to remember: his childhood.