Rosamund Marinelli

Rosamund grew up in New Zealand playing rugby with the boys, doing slow-motion fighting with her best friend, giving her older brother dead-legs, and spending hours pretending her fingers were horses. Then she moved to England, become a primary school teacher, and married a real-life-modern-day Roman. With an insatiable taste for exploration in faraway, exotic and sometimes dangerous places, Rosamund (husband and children in tow) moved to India, followed by Hong Kong. This ignited her passion for writing stories which often take her characters on perilous adventures, sometimes to the ends of the earth.


About Alone on the Calamari Desert

They survived the plane crash, but can they survive each other?

‘I’ll find you!’ It’s the last thing Mum says before Peter parachutes from the plane.

His adoptive brothers, Elton the bully and Noel the baby, are already there on the ground, waiting.


Together they watch her plane drop and disappear behind the mountain in the distance.

They’re all alone. Stranded somewhere on the sweltering Kalahari Desert with only the contents of Noel’s backpack to help them. Breadsticks, tissues, a fresh pair of pants, and a packet of Haribo are no match for vicious vultures, lurking lions, and the scorching sun.

But they have to find Mum. She’s all they have left.

And Peter will not be orphaned for a second time.