Shannon Barrett

Shannon is an aspiring children’s author, currently writing a futuristic fantasy novel called The Rebel Court, aimed at YA readers. Shannon’s love for writing started from an early age and this passion encouraged her to apply for an Undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and Publishing, before moving onto the MA in Writing for Young People. She believes writing and novels allow others to escape to a world away from our own, we can step out of our heads and into someone else’s. It’s a powerful thing and one that she wants to be able to encourage in others.


About The Rebel Court

I stand next to him and turn my head up to see what he sees.




The bombs come every night at 6pm. They are a reminder of the never-ending war that started long ago and, without the domes, no one would survive.

Leda must fight to stay alive, she must avoid the Imperial Justice and continue to support her family any way she can. But when a boy called Calem falls into her life her view on the world she lives in changes dramatically. Truths will be tested and lies revealed. It’s a dangerous game, living under the domes.