Stephanie Williamson

Steph is a children’s writer and translator. Painfully aware of the number of stories that never cross the borders into other cultures, she is always striving to bridge that gap. As if this isn’t enough fun, she also teaches creative writing to children, reads for a literary scout and blogs about books at When she was a little girl, she tried to enrol herself in boarding school and legally change her name to Hermione.


About The Society for the Salvation of Stories

Bath, 1910. Miette hasn’t told stories since her sister died a year ago – so her days as a member of the Society for the Salvation of Stories are numbered. She knows that if she does, Tatiana will stop visiting her in her dreams. When Miette discovers that the heart-gems that protect storytelling are dying, and her friend Johnnie is missing, she sets out to save both from the clutches of story-hater Mistress Bonaventure. Together with her friends in the Rooftop Revolution, Miette must save the world’s stories by telling the story of her soul, even if it means letting go of Tatiana for good.

A magical, middle-grade adventure about love, loss and the healing power of stories.