Tamsin Mori

A degree in Neuroscience enabled Tamsin to establish that while other people’s brains are full of complex thoughts, hers is full of stories. In an attempt to be responsible, she banished the stories and pursued a sensible career, but the stories were persistent. They refused to stay quiet – they crept out in dreams, occupied lunch hours, filled thick notebooks. When nonsense rhymes began to pop out in the margins of her business reports, she knew something had to change. The MA in Writing for Young People provided the perfect opportunity to set them free.



About The Weather Weaver

Eleven-year-old Stella is spending the summer in Shetland with Grandpa. When she encounters an old woman who can conjure blizzards and hurricanes, she realises that the island is alive with hidden magic. But discovering the secrets of weather magic comes at a cost: Stella finds herself tangled in an ancient conflict between land and sea. Worse still, Grandpa has forgotten who she is. Can she rescue Grandpa’s memory and tame the storm, or will everything she loves be swept away?