Victoria Henly

Victoria can’t remember when she fell in love with reading – she does remember walking away from her mother’s attempts to read her Harry Potter, though – but she’s pretty sure it began with authors Holly Black and Annie Dalton. For most of her education, she attended a Hogwarts-like private school where she spent more time writing stories than revising. It came in handy as she’s achieved a BA in Publishing and Creative Writing and recently graduated with a Masters in Writing for Young People, both from Bath Spa University. She currently lives near Bath with eleven koi named after Disney characters.

About The Idlewoods

There’s only one way out of the village in the heart of the Idlewoods: Wither. Born with a touch that drains life from any living thing, Wither can navigate the Enchanted trees, fight the creatures within, and break free to the outside world.

But the Idlewoods are closing tighter around her village, and its creatures are starting to come crawling out of the shadows. Life is more dangerous than ever when a stranger from a distant city approaches Wither with an offer. He will do the impossible: cut down the Idlewoods. Reconnect the village with the world beyond. And in the process, free Wither from a life where her cursed touch is the only thing keeping the village alive.

But freedom always comes at a price.