Wibke Brueggemann

Wibke grew up in northern Germany and the southern United States. She moved to the UK at nineteen and spent three years studying acting at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) in London.

Wibke has had every day-job under the sun: from selling ice creams at the theatre, to translating text books on rock formations, to working for a global financial institution. 

In 2016, Wibke was offered a place on the MA Writing for Young People at Bath Spa University and became the recipient of the Bath Spa University Writing Award, courtesy of Audrey and Jack Ladevèze.

Wibke’s short story The Beach Crowd was shortlisted for Stripes Publishing’s PROUD LGBTQ+ anthology.



About Hormonal Horror & The Cancer Shop

Fifteen-year-old Phoebe has concluded that falling in love is merely the result of an out-of-control concoction of dopamine, adrenaline, and phenylethylamine. 

She is convinced there is no reason anyone needs to fall victim to this unfortunate ‘condition’ as, surely, it can be:

  1. ignored, or
  2. remedied, following diagnosis.

Her mission is going well, until, due to circumstances not entirely out of her control, Phoebe starts volunteering at a charity shop where she meets Emma…