Zoe Crosse

Zoe Crosse spent her childhood exploring the beaches and secrets of the little island where she grew up in Kent. When she was big enough, she ran away to sea in search of wonder and adventure. Having spent three years surviving ocean storms, climbing mountains and crossing desserts, Zoe returned to London brimming with stories. She now spends her days plundering her imagination in the safety of Tottenham, where she has taught children for thirty years. Kiss Me When I’m Gone is her debut. It explores the magic of nature, love and belief.



About Kiss Me When I’m Gone

Bobby’s approaching 16th birthday turns her thoughts to her mother who she has only vague memories of. She distracts herself by trying to impress Thread, best friend, co-founder of their environmental school project, ‘Black Girls Are Green’, and the girl she longs to kiss.

When Thread is kidnapped by mysterious Mayor Amondak Sarkis, who has malevolent intentions for the natural world, Bobby becomes embroiled in an ancient quest. She discovers the existence of a parallel universe called The Shadow Vales. And her mother is the link. Can Bobby cross over, rescue Thread and thwart Amondak? And will she meet her mother again?