Zulekhá Aisha Afzal

Zulekhá grew up in Cornwall amongst stunning countryside and coastlines, both of which have inspired her writing. She now lives in Bath where she studied for her undergraduate degree in English Literature and Creative Writing and works as the Assistant Editor at Ice House Books. From a young age, Zulekhá has always enjoyed storytelling, whether through her writing or through dance during a ballet class. Her earliest stories were about the fairies she believed lived in her garden. Since then her writing has taken on a darker undertone, though still with a sprinkling of magic and hope.



About The Wandering Stars: Roots

Sixteen-year-old Alouette has a secret… she’s the heir to her land, Rhelliah. Why is it a secret? Because the West has attacked Rhelliah and it’s all her fault.

When Alouette loses everything she loves, she’s forced to hide her identity to save her land and its people from the cruel fate she’s brought upon them. But she soon discovers the world’s magic is also under threat and the Spirits of the Seasons are fading across the four lands. Will hope and the mysterious Kaden be enough to help Alouette restore peace in Rhelliah? Or will the secrets she unravels about her mixed heritage change the future that was always planned for her?